Boiled Crab Leg Recipe (Seafood Simplicity)

by Anne Carter

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PREP TIME - 10minutes   COOK TIME - 10minutes   ADDITIONAL TIME - 10minutes  TOTAL TIME - 30minutes   COURSE - Main Course CUISINE - American, seafood SERVINGS -4 CALORIES - 550 kcal

Boiled Crab Leg Recipe

– Large Pot – Tongs or slotted spoon – Serving Platter – Clean towel (optional)


– 2 lbs Crab legs (fresh or frozen) – Water – 1 tbsp Salt – Lemon – Melted butter


– Thaw crab legs in refrigerator overnight or under cold running water. – Rinse thawed crab legs to remove ice crystals and debris. – Fill a large pot with water and salt, bring to a boil.


– Gently add crab legs to boiling water, fully submerge them. – Boil crab legs for 4-6 minutes until heated through, avoid overcooking. – Using tongs or slotted spoon, remove crab legs from pot.


– Transfer crab legs to a serving platter, pat dry if desired. – Serve immediately with melted butter and lemon wedges for squeezing.


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