Poached Fish Recipe: Flaky, Heavenly Gourmet Delight

by Anne Carter

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PREP TIME - 10minutes  TOTAL TIME - 30minutes   TOTAL TIME - 30minutes mins COURSE - Main Course CUISINE - European, Mediterranean SERVINGS - 4 CALORIES - 200 kcal

Quick and Tasty Poached Fish Recipe

– Skillet – Slotted Spatula – Cutting Board and Knife – Measuring Utensils – Stove – Citrus Zester optional


– 4 fillets of a white fish – 2 cups fish or vegetable broth – ½ cup dry white wine – 1 lemon (sliced) – 2-3 sprigs of fresh dill – 2-3 sprigs of fresh parsley – Salt and pepper (to taste)


 1. Prepare the Poaching Liquid: – In a wide pan, combine the fish or vegetable broth with the white wine. Place it on the stove over medium heat.


2. Season and Infuse: – Season the poaching liquid with salt and pepper to taste. – Add lemon slices, fresh dill, and fresh parsley to the liquid. These will infuse the fish with aromatic flavors.


3. Bring to a Gentle Simmer: – Allow the poaching liquid to come to a gentle simmer. Make sure it's not boiling, as a gentle simmer helps maintain the fish's delicate texture.


4. Poach the Fish: – Gently place the fish fillets into the poaching liquid. – Let the fish poach for about 8-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fillets. The fish should easily flake with a fork when done.


5. Serve with Flair: – Carefully lift the poached fish from the liquid using a slotted spatula to avoid breaking the fillets. – Plate the fish and garnish with additional fresh herbs. – Optionally, drizzle some of the poaching liquid over the fish for added flavor.


6. Enjoy: – Serve your gourmet poached fish with your favorite sides like steamed vegetables, rice, or a light salad.


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