Shirataki Noodles Recipe (Savor the Simplicity)

by Anne Carter

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Course: Main Course Cuisine: American Prep Time: 5minutes  Cook Time: 10minutes  Total Time: 15minutes Calories: 85kcal Author: Anne Carter

Quick and Tasty Shirataki Noodles Recipe

– Colander – microplane zester


– 1 7-8 oz pack shirataki noodles – 1 green onion – 1 teaspoon freshly minced garlic – 1 baby bok choy – ½ tablespoon toasted sesame oil – 2 tablespoon soy sauce for a darker color, add 1 teaspoon dark soy sauce


– 1 teaspoon light brown sugar – 1 teaspoon unseasoned rice vinegar optional – toasted sesame seeds optional, for topping – MSG optional


1. Separate and clean baby bok choy leaves. Chop into bite-sized bits, keeping whites and greens separate. Do the same with the green onion. 2. Rinse shirataki noodles thoroughly. Throw them into a pan over medium heat. Cook, tossing occasionally, until all the water vanishes – roughly 5 minutes.


3. Push noodles to one side. Drop sesame oil, garlic, and green onion whites on the other. Stir-fry until the kitchen smells amazing – about 1-2 minutes. 4.  Toss in baby bok choy whites, soy sauce, brown sugar, and rice vinegar. Mix it up, stir frequently, let the liquid do its thing for 3 minutes. MSG is optional but can join the party if you're feeling adventurous.


5. Add baby bok choy greens, cook for another minute until they start to wilt. Time to bow out gracefully from the heat. 6. Transfer your creation to a plate or bowl. Sprinkle sesame seeds and green onion greens on top for that final touch.


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