Top 10 Diabetic Diet Recipes

by Austin Carter

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Chicken & Spinach Skillet Pasta with Lemon


This one-pan pasta with lean chicken and sautéed spinach is garlicky, lemony, and perfect with a sprinkle of Parmesan. I call it "Mom's Skillet Pasta," but she called it "Devon's Favorite Pasta." It's a quick, easy weeknight dinner we created together years ago, and it's still a family favorite.

Cream of Turkey & Wild Rice Soup


Got leftover chicken or turkey? Whip up a pot of this healthier twist on classic creamy turkey and wild rice soup from Minnesota. Pair it with a crisp romaine salad and whole-grain bread for a delicious meal.

Green Goddess Salad with Chickpeas


Savor a refreshing salad with cucumber, tomato, Swiss cheese, and chickpeas, drizzled with creamy green goddess dressing. Ideal with grilled veggies for a healthy delight!

Sheet-Pan Chicken Fajita Bowls


Try this warm fajita salad with chicken, roasted kale, bell peppers, and black beans for a nutritious twist. Everything cooks on one pan, making it an easy and healthy dinner with minimal cleanup. Skip the tortillas and enjoy!

Vegan White Bean Chili


Fresh Anaheim or poblano chiles give this white bean chili a mild heat and smoky flavor. Quinoa adds body, while diced zucchini brings colorful green flecks and boosts the veggie content.

Charred Shrimp, Pesto & Quinoa Bowls


These shrimp, pesto, and quinoa bowls are delicious, healthy, and ready in under 30 minutes—perfect for an easy weeknight dinner. They're also versatile: add more veggies or swap the shrimp for chicken, steak, tofu, or edamame.

Loaded Black Bean Nacho Soup


Jazz up black bean soup with your favorite nacho toppings like cheese, avocado, and fresh tomatoes. Add a dash of smoked paprika or your favorite warm spices like cumin or chili powder. Choose a soup with no more than 450 mg sodium per serving.

Roast Chicken & Sweet Potatoes


This sheet-pan dinner features chicken thighs and sweet potatoes for a quick, healthy meal. It cooks fast in a hot oven and pairs perfectly with a fall salad of mixed greens, sliced apples, and blue cheese. Enjoy!

Slow-Cooker Chicken & White Bean Stew


For a hectic weeknight, try this easy slow-cooker chicken recipe. Pair it with crusty bread, a glass of Chianti, and a fresh salad for a Tuscan-inspired dinner that's simple yet satisfying.

Lemon Chicken Pasta


This simple lemon chicken pasta packs a punch with zesty lemon and crunchy breadcrumbs. Using rotisserie chicken and spiralized zucchini, it's a quick, healthy dinner ready in 10 minutes. Enjoy a complete, satisfying meal with this flavorful dish!

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