Tortellini with Collard Green Brodo Recipe

Tortellini with Collard Green Brodo

Tortellini with Collard Green Brodo is a comforting Italian dish that warms both the heart and the stomach. The word “brodo” means broth in Italian, and in this dish, it’s the soulful base that brings all the flavors together. Collard greens, a staple in Southern cuisine, find their way into this Italian classic, adding a … Read more

Pumpkin Tortellini Recipe


When I think of the Fall, I think of cozy foods and what’s better than a nice plate of pasta. This recipe for pumpkin tortelli came from a book that I dream of mastering, “Flour + Water: Pasta” by Thomas McNaughton. It is a book I’ve had for a while and have made a few … Read more

Roasted Tomato Sauce & Andouille With Pici Pasta

I do not know about y’all, but I feel that this Summer has flown by. I really haven’t had a chance to just stop, slow down and enjoy it. From the every-so-fun apartment moving to start a new job, I’m looking forward to the Fall, to hopefully fall back into place and a routine. But honestly, … Read more

Fluffy Potato Gnocchi Recipe

Fluffy, light, potato gnocchi! Yes, I have finally attempted this well-known, sought-after little pillow of fluffiness! That is often paired with a creamy sauce, tomato sauce,   or pan-fried until crispy. This is the base to making your own potato gnocchi where the sky is the limit to pairing! Fluffy Potato Gnocchi Recipe After reading … Read more