Kit Kat Crunch Cake (Chocoholic’s Dream!)

Greetings, food lovers! Anne Carter checking in from Beyond the Bayou Blog, and today, I?ve got a sweet surprise in store for you: our mouthwatering kit kat cake recipe.

Kit Kat Cake layers of chocolate sponge, ganache, and Kit Kat bars make a delightful dessert, celebrated for its rich flavors and playful presentation.

I whipped up this recipe for my daughter’s birthday bash, and it stole the show! The cake’s texture was heavenly, with just the right balance of sweetness. Everyone couldn’t get enough of it, praising its decadent taste and stunning appearance.

To complement its chocolaty goodness, I served it alongside creamy vanilla ice cream, creating a perfect harmony of flavors. It was a hit with both kids and adults alike, making it a memorable occasion for all.”

So are you all set to bring this amazing recipe to life? If yes, just stay tuned and do not miss the boat.

How to Make Kit Kat Cake Recipe?

Step 1. Make the Sponges:

Kit Kat Cake Recipe
Image Source: YouTube (The Terrace Kitchen)
  • Grease and line two 18cm cake tins.
  • Preheat your oven to 180?C (160?C fan assisted).
  • Mix sugar, beaten eggs, oil, milk, and golden syrup in a bowl until smooth.
Kit Kat Cake Recipe
Image Source: YouTube (The Terrace Kitchen)
  • Add flour, cocoa powder, and bicarbonate of soda, and whisk again until it becomes a smooth batter.
  • Spoon the batter into the prepared tins.
  • Bake for around 30 minutes until the cakes are firm and springy on top.
  • Let them cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then carefully remove them and let them cool completely.

Step 2. Make the Ganache Frosting:

Kit Kat Cake Recipe
Image Source: YouTube (The Terrace Kitchen)
  • Put the dark and milk chocolate in a bowl and melt gently in the microwave in 30-second bursts.
  • Pour in the cream and gently whisk until you get a thick, glossy ganache.

Step 3. Assemble Your KitKat Cake:

Kit Kat Cake Recipe
Image Source: YouTube (The Terrace Kitchen)
  • Place one cooled cake on a board and spread about one-third of the frosting on top.
  • Put the other cake on top and spread another third of the frosting.
  • Use the rest of the frosting to coat the sides of the cake. Try to make it as smooth as possible, but don’t worry too much about perfection because we will cover it up!
  • Surround the cake with KitKats, sticking them all around. I like to use them in pairs to speed things up.
  • Pour the Smarties onto the top of the cake to create a colorful layer. They don’t need to reach the top of the KitKats.
  • Pop the cake in the refrigerator for at least an hour to firm up before serving.

Some Things to Keep in Mind!

  1. Room Temperature Ingredients: Make sure your eggs, milk, and cream are at room temperature before using them. This helps to ensure a smoother batter and frosting.
  2. Proper Greasing: Don’t skimp on greasing and lining your cake tins. Use parchment paper to line the bottom and sides of the tins to prevent sticking and ensure easy removal of the cakes.
  3. Even Batter Distribution: When spooning the batter into the cake tins, try to distribute it evenly to ensure that your cakes bake up uniformly.
  4. Testing Doneness: To check if your cakes are done baking, insert a toothpick into the center. If it comes out clean or with a few crumbs clinging to it, your cakes are ready.
  5. Cooling Time: Allow your cakes to cool in the tin for 10 minutes before transferring them to a wire rack to cool completely. This helps them set properly and prevents them from breaking apart.
  6. Chilling the Ganache: Once you’ve made the ganache frosting, let it cool slightly before assembling the cake. This will help it thicken up a bit, making it easier to spread and work with.
  7. Kit Kat Arrangement: When arranging the Kit Kats around the cake, press them gently into the frosting to secure them in place. You can also use a ribbon tied around the cake to hold it in position while the frosting sets.

What to Pair with Kit Kat Cake?

What to Pair with Kit Kat Cake

A Guide to Store Leftovers!

  1. Cake Layers:
    • Wrap the cake layers tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to prevent them from drying out.
    • Refrigerate the wrapped cake layers for up to 4 days.
    • Alternatively, you can freeze the wrapped cake layers for up to 4 months. To thaw, place them in the refrigerator overnight.
  2. Frosting:
    • Transfer any leftover frosting to a zip-lock bag, squeezing out excess air before sealing.
    • Refrigerate the bag of frosting for up to 4 days to maintain its freshness.
    • You can also freeze the frosting in the zip-lock bag for up to 4 months. Thaw it in the refrigerator overnight before using it.
  3. Assembled Cake:
    • Once the cake is assembled, wrap it well to prevent it from drying out.
    • If stored at room temperature, the assembled cake will stay fresh for 2-3 days.
    • For longer storage, keep the wrapped cake in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

Do I have to make the cake/frosting from scratch? 

Definitely not if you choose not to! You can replace the components called for in the mix with two of your favorite chocolate cake mixes; do not change the baking pans!
Store-bought frosting is typically a bit thinner than my recipe; gradually add 1/4 cup more powdered sugar until the icing spreads and adheres to the cake nicely.

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